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Here are some shots from a marriage made on the Isole of Pusiano. Mark and Diana chose a location surrounded by the lake – just what they have always dreamed of. Curtains, chairs, tablecloths details and furniture gave this wedding very special charm. Evening lights colored the natural scenery of the island.


This marriage was held on the 22nd of August. The request came only a few months before, but now we understand that it would be the ideal opportunity to create unique settings that combined art, elegance and tenderness.

Everything was made distantly because the couple from Moscow was unable to arrive in Italy before the wedding. Lots of references, videos, photos and many many eMails were behind the realization of the dreams of this beautiful couple ...

Foto di Anastasya Volvkova photographers. 



This is the wedding of a very sweet and very nice couple  with whom I have worked. The bride, with her taste for elegance and originality, accepted my idea of decorating the room with an imperial table. A fine blaze of English roses, peonies and roses branched made that day even more romantic. A fabulous location to frame their special day.

Photos Marta Guenzi Photographer


Here are some shots of a wedding made in Lenno. A couple from New York but whose wife is a native of Indonesia and the husband of Milan.

A day with guests from different countries. An elegant ceremony in the beautiful setting of Lake Como. Following the first dance of the couple who started the dinner and a party in the picturesque quarry of Villa.

Photo of Women In Wedding Photographers.



Summer wedding in the beautiful church of San Giorgio in Varenna, the pearl of the lake. Invited from around the world  guests were transported by hydrofoil from Varenna to Cernobbio, where the reception was held in the historic and elegant setting of Villa Erba.


Wedding of Julia and Stuart was held on the terrace with breathtaking view. They fall in love with this villa on the first sight and wanted to celebrate the ceremony enjoying the background of Lake Como which was the setting for an aperitif and dinner held in the gardens of the villa. Beautiful bride gown that shone more than ever at the first dance took place between fireworks and other entertainment.


These are the shots of the talented photographer Darya Kamalova and especially the exciting marriage of Ekaterina and Artem. The beautiful bride arrived at the villa with the typical boat of Lake Como, a boat called Lucia. The ceremony rich set preparation, took place on the banks of the blue waters and the light colors of the flowers that made up the arch. Afterwards, an aperitif with typical Italian products and a dinner with a magnificent imperial table by candlelight and richly arranged with beautiful flowers.


Shots from the photoshoot where Margherita Orlandi was the stylist. The colors green, orange, fuchsia, white and gold mise en place, underline the exceptional event. The ceremony set in a flowery meadow was enlivened by the presence of two sweet damsels.


Traditional wedding with a beautiful bride who has brought with her the traditions of her country.

This has enriched the scenario of the castle where the reception was held with guests in kimono and oriental traditions: the toast with Sake and red floral ornaments brought good luck on the wedding cake.


This is the Organ Day of Claudia and John, and a sweet young couple. Every detail of the wedding was treated with great professionalism from the bride's gown designed and created ad hoc, to the church and to the location that we set up using strips of fresh rosemary, collected directly in the backyard of the couple.


Here is the sparkiling shooting of Leonardo and Lucia, a vary nice couple of models with which we have worked for a shooting on the french Riviera full of charme. The colors and the unique setting of the resort they were inspired to create a work fresh, floral and pastel colors. We played with the French texture of the famous "toile de jouy" both for the prints shop fand or more details.
Photo by Marta Guenzi Photographer


... And then you find a bride with an overwhelming smile and a spouse who is a real "gentleman" and fall in love in their marriage and of that day. Melissa and Kevin are an American couple who chose the setting of Lake Como for their special day. In particular, the ceremony took place in one of the most beautiful places on Lake Como, with a few floral arrangements so as to give importance to what we already have, of course, surrounded them. Dinner then, in a few people, it Abuto place in a lakeside terrace. The candles were the protagonists throughout dinner.

Photo by Darya Kamalova


Ecco alcuni scatti della bravissima Darya Kamalovam presi da un matrimonio realizzato nella sempre splendida onricne del algo di Como. la coppia ha scelto una location immersa nel verde per realizzare quello che hanno sempre sognato. Tutto è stato studiato nel dettaglio, partendo dai colori fino alla disposizione , non casuale, delle sedie per la cerimonia. Ci siamo, come sempre circondati di professionisti, che hanno saputo seguire con noi l'evento al top.


Here's an original winter wedding that took place in December. Elisabetta and Filippo have chosen to celebrate the rite in the Basilica of their city and to continue the party in ancient Torciera at the villa nearby. The displays, recalled the theme of "Christmas": altar towered with a two meters fir decorated with white flowers and at the base compositions of red amaryllis, pomegranates and fir branches that gave the party an elegant tone, warm and family, thus fulfilling the request of the spouses.

Photo by Marta Guenzi



Here are the shots of "super romantic" marriage of Francesca and Emanuele in Veneto. The ceremony was held in the garden of the '700 villa and began with the arrival of the bridegroom and of their beautiful baby girl. A ceremony moving and heartfelt. The drink was made at the edges of the lake of the villa, with rich buffet set up in style and white flowers. Towards the hour of cenaabbiamo we did then accommodate guests in a leafy avenue rotornfi set up with tables that were giving the wedding a magical atmosphere.

Photo by Marta Guenzi

This is the marriage of Matthias and Susana. In these shots you will find the style of an Italian villa and the warm colors and passionate from the taste and tradition of a bride of Bolivian origin. It was Catholic unacerimonia cheisa in the country of sposo..allestimento of flowers and fruits made the only church of its kind. The reception took place in a beautiful villa, with its Italian-style gioardini has fascinated all the guests. The dinner took place in the open air in the courtyard of the location, between the lights of the candles and a starry sky ...

Photo by Marta Guenzi Photographer



Ecco alcuni scatti da un matrimonio realizzato sul Lago di Como, gli sposi hanno scelto una location immersa nel lago per realizzare quello che hanno sempre sognato. 

Le luci della sera hanno colorato la naturale scenografia dall'ambiente.


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